What We Offer

At Hueniken Asset Management, we provide a service that is secure, personal and transparent.

  • 1) We manage each client’s segregated account(s)

    Our goal is to grow your net worth by investing in “diamonds in the rough” that we uncover.

  • 2) We provide a comfortable level of service

    For some clients, this means frequent discussions or written correspondence with the portfolio manager. For others, there is little need for constant contact. Each type of client is equally important to us.

  • 3) We provide secure online access to your account(s)

    Clients can view, in real-time, all trading activity and cash inflows and outflows in and out of their account(s).

  • 4) We protect your data

    Our cybersecurity measures include encrypting your information and account holdings.

  • 5) We calculate the rate of return of each account

    Clients can view, online, in real-time, how we are performing on a money-weighted rate of return basis.

  • 6) We offer easy-to-understand investment reports

    In addition to account statements, we report on the progress made by each portfolio company.