About Us

Hueniken Asset Management is a Toronto-based, independent, privately owned investment company.

We offer the opportunity of earning investment rates of return that are commensurate with private equity by managing portfolios made up of concentrated shareholdings of small private and public companies. We invest in rapidly growing businesses that have sustainable competitive advantage(s), favourable customer economics, proven market share gains, improving financial results, and able and shareholder-oriented management teams.

When we find such rare opportunities, we are careful not to overpay for a firm’s future growth and put significant capital to work at the time of initial investment. We continue to own the securities of such companies as long as our investment thesis holds. We are patient and disciplined. We typically hold a security for two to five years.

Behind every stock there is a real business and we, the shareholders, collectively own that business. This mental framework drives our decision-making process. With the experience to identify the risks and spot the opportunities, our goal is to grow our clients’ net worth, along with our own. We invest in the portfolio along with our clients.

The Hueniken Family Crest reads, Poco A Poco Se Va Lejos or ‘Little by Little We Go Further’.

At our firm, we take this motto seriously. Roots, relationships and commitment are values that run deep.

With over 30 years of industry experience and proven success prior to establishing Hueniken Asset Management we believe in ‘Patient, disciplined, long-term Investing’. We contend that too much emphasis is placed on short-term momentum – to the detriment of long-term value.